Trellogantt Update & Product Roadmap

Updated: 12th April 2017
This is our weekly progress for our update and roadmap. Features are not listed in order.

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In progress

  • Printing and Zooming feature
  • Adding of new boards and members


  • Creating of timeline for todos
  • Implementing undo
  • Tracking of list from multiple boards
  • Tracking of workdays per member


9th April 2017

  • Added scripts to flush redis queue
  • Fixed card connection bug
  • Various small little fixes
2nd April 2017

  • Arranged board based on recent activities
  • Added email usage tracking
  • Implemented Heap Analytics
26th March 2017

  • Added multi-member live view
  • Improved repositioning of cards and lists
  • Fixed Trello sign in bug
19th March 2017

  • Bug fixes
12th March 2017

  • Implemented minimise list feature
  • Added “exclude from email digest” function on list and board
  • New design on email digest for better readability
5th March 2017

  • Enhanced email digest with mute and rearrangement functions
26th February 2017

  • Improved dragging of timelines
  • Improved UI of Milestone
  • Added “Add List” at the top of the list view

19th February 2017

  • Fixed scrolling; jumpiness issues on browsers
  • Improved Trello card’s detail on pop up. Trellogantt now support markdown and emoticons
  • Added multiple email support for email invite

5th February 2017

  • New homepage
  • Migrated web application to a new domain
  • Various bug fixes

22nd January 2017

  • Added new feedback form
  • Removed invite only feature. Everyone is free to use Trellogantt!
  • Various bug fixes

15th January 2017

  • Added milestone on days. Just click on specific day to create one
  • Improved rearrangement of cards
  • Full status of card on left panel (description, comments and checklist)

8th January 2017

  • Showed label and checklist status on left panel
  • Removed checklist as part of completion calculation
  • Fixed rendering of graphics on browsers
  • Timezone is now supported on Email digest.

1st January 2017

  • Implemented Add/Remove lists in board
  • Implemented Add/Remove cards in list
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Fixed bugs on linking cards

25th December 2016

  • Implemented Add/Modify/Remove checklists and check items
  • Used of ESC key to close modal
  • Fixed various bugs

18th December 2016

  • Added in member and label function on card
  • Added in checklist management
  • Upgraded email servers
  • Fixed Bugs on dragging and adding of timeline for certain browsers
  • Added Due date on email digest
  • Fixed various bugs

11th December 2016

  • Improved email digest logic for each status
  • Added invitation to main page
  • Supported Trello’s new “Done” feature
  • Fixed z-index of calendar on card details

4th December 2016

  • Launched beta site
  • Fixed slowness of large list
  • Fixed logging issues