Putting Everything Together; Using Trello and Trellogantt

How to Create Gantt Chart using Trello's Card

Part three of this tutorial series looks at how you can use Trellogantt in your daily routine. We will be applying what we have learned from the previous two tutorials here so if you missed out any of them, or if you need a refresher, I would encourage you to read those first. You can look through the links below:

Part 1: How to create Gantt chart using Trello’s cards

Part 2: How to create and edit Trello lists and cards on Trellogantt

Let’s get started!

Inviting Team Members to Trellogantt

The potential of a Gantt chart is only 50% when used by a single user. Since the goal of a Gantt chart is to give an overview of a project’s status to everyone, go ahead and invite your co-worker now by using our invite button. (To invite your group members to Trellogantt, click on the ‘Invite’ button located at the top right hand corner of your Trellogantt board and key in their emails)
Trellogantt - Invite Members

Conducting Daily or Weekly Quick Meetings

Trellogantt and Trello are the perfect tools for quick meetings such as stand-up meetings. Prior to the meetings, take some time to update the Trello cards that you have been working on. These updates will be reflected instantly on everyone’s Trellogantt and Trello board, which will help the team to keep track of current progress.

During the meeting, use the Timeline as your reference. You should also edit the existing cards or create new ones as the meeting proceeds. For the best effect, you can create fine-grain to-do lists for each card to facilitate the progression of your project(s) visually.

Trellogantt - Sync with Trello

At the end of the meeting, you will have a clear direction for the rest of the day and week, while keeping abreast of everyone’s tasks and goals.

Keeping Track of Task Progress with Trellogantt After Every Meeting

Throughout the day, you will shift cards, add comments, check off to-do list items and redraw the tasks’ timeline often. The vibrancy of the board shows progress and motivates you to push on.

As an added benefit, the more active you (and your team) are on Trellogantt, the less ad hoc meetings you will have.


Lessons Learned

Trellogantt works great in a team. Frequently updated Trello cards and Trellogantt Timelines help the team to keep track of progress, hence reducing the need to have additional meetings.

What’s next?

Congratulations on following through these tutorials! Head down to Tips to learn more about getting the most out of Trellogantt.