How to Create Gantt Chart using Trello’s Card

By Ted
Updated on February 11, 2017

How to Create Gantt Chart using Trello's Card

Hi there! You have made the first step to start creating your very own Gantt chart with Trello cards. This tutorial series is broken down into three parts (linked below).

Part 1: How to create Gantt chart using Trello cards

Part 2: How to create and edit Trello lists and cards on Trellogantt

Part 3: Putting Everything Together; Using Trello and Trellogantt Together

Let’s get started!

Use Milestone to set your Goal

Before drawing timelines on your Gantt chart, you should think of a weekly or monthly goal that you would like to achieve. Once you have a goal in mind, you can start plotting it onto Trellogantt chart.

Trellogantt - Create Timeline

Milestone serves two purposes for us at Trellogantt focus and scope.


Milestones set the tone of the objective that we should achieve for that month on Trellogantt. Generally, we should set at least one Milestone per quarter (3 months) and at most one every two weeks. Too many Milestones clutter your Trello board and too few of them decreases motivation.


Once we have a goal in mind we can then frame our work in the form of Trello cards. This anchoring effect allows us to prioritise the really important tasks that chart the progression towards our Milestone.

“Too many Milestones clutter your Trello board and too few milestones deter motivation.”

Creating Timelines on your Trellogantt Board

The exciting part begins when you start drawing timelines on the board. To do that, simply drag across the start and end date of each Trello task.

Trellogantt - Create TImeline

Don’t worry if you’ve got the timeline wrong. To adjust the duration of the timeline, move your cursor close to the start or the end of the date and drag the change accordingly.

Trellogantt - Shift Start and Due Date

You can also move the entire timeline by dragging it from the center.

As a rule of thumb, each timeline should last no more than 5 days. Tasks longer than that should be broken down into a new Trello cards.

“each timeline should last no more than 5 days”

Timelines serve as a guide and not a deadline. If you find that you are lacking behind on your Timeline, it just means that you are overestimating your tasks. Adjust the amount of work (cards) and use Milestones to frame your work.

Lessons learned

There you have it, with these two simple steps, you can start plotting your Trello cards on Trellogantt! Remember, use Milestones to set general objectives and draw Timelines to work towards them!

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