How to receive Trello task summary using Trellogantt email digest (Best Practice) [5 minutes read]

How to receive Trello task summary using Trellogantt email digest (Best Practice)

Email is an effective communication tool and we use it to show you a summary of your Trello cards’ progress every morning.


This summary is called the Trellogantt Digest and we will only send it to you if you have outstanding timelines that span between the last 5 days and the next 5 days. You can learn how to create a timeline here.
Trellogantt Workspace

The email digest is designed to provide concise information upon receiving it. We achieve this by showing 3 summary figures in the email title: expired, in-progress and upcoming.

Trellogantt Email Title

This information is enough to give you a sense of your current Trello cards’ progress without actually opening the email. And if you wish to read more, you can always open them up.


When it comes to presenting Trello boards and cards in the email content, we want you to consume them in the shortest time possible. We do this by showing you a snapshot of all your Trello boards and cards in graphical form.

Trellogantt Email Body

Fine tuning your email digest

If your Trello account contains multiple boards and lists, you can choose to include only relevant items in your daily digest. You can do so simply by toggling “Exclude from email digest” from your Trellogantt’s board drop down menu or on individual list.

Exclude from Trellogantt Digest

You can also choose to receive the digest daily, weekly (every Monday morning) or turn it off by specifying your preference on your settings page. There are two ways to access your settings page: through the dropdown option in your Trellogantt workspace or through the link at the bottom of the email digest.

Trellogantt Settings

Lessons Learned

The Trellogantt digest sends you relevant information to start your day. You can choose to customise the content of this digest as well as the frequency to suit your preferences and needs.